Dairy Products

Our products come from the herd of 116 Jersey Cows that are milked twice a day. We use a low-temperature pasteurization method which keeps the milk as natural and full flavor as possible while killing the bacteria one might find in raw milk consumption. The low-temp pasteurization method heats the milk slowly to 145 degrees fahrenheit. And holds it at that temperature for thirty minutes. The milk is then cooled to 41 degrees fahrenheit before we bottle it. Along with our whole milk we carry a variety of other products that are made with our Jersey Cow milk.

Milk, Cream & Butter

Whole Milk

Sold in gallons, half gallons, and pints

Full Cream

Sold in pints

Naturally Reduced Fat Milk

Sold in gallons and half gallons


Packaged in 8oz. containers

Chocolate Milk

Sold in gallons, half gallons, and pints


Sold in half gallons


Cheddars are packaged in individual blocks and sold by the ounce.  The weight will vary.

Farmhouse Cheddar

Traditional cheddar cheese with a mild flavor that is sure to please any palate

Raw Milk Cheddar

Made from raw milk, this cheddar is FULL of FLAVOR. Cheese enthusiast beware, this cheddar will leave you wanting more.

Southwestern Spreadable Cheese

Jalapeno Farmhouse Cheddar

Traditional cheddar but kicked up a notch with fresh ground jalapenos added to recipe. Just enough spicy flavors to leave you wanting more.


This delicate cheese delivers a refined full flavor taste to its enthusiasts. Packaged in individual rounds.

Creole Cream Cheese

Tomato Basil Farmhouse Cheddar

Fresh Basil and dried tomatoes are added to our traditional farmhouse cheddar. The flavor is full but not overwhelming. Great for melting over chicken, added to a sandwich, or just straight up!

Cheese Curds

These curds are made from the same ingredients as our Farmhouse Cheddars. We simply salt the curds after they have been cut into cubes. and package them in 16oz containers. Perfect snack!

Garlic and Onion Spreadable Cheese


We stretch and package our mozzarella into separate pieces. You can pull it off one string at a time or melt it over your favorite dish!


Granddaddy’s Home-style Vanilla

Salted Caramel

Mam-Maw’s Red Velvet

Chocolate Thunder

Butter Pecan


Grass fed and hormone free, our beef is a healthy and natural alternative choice to commercial brands. Our beef cattle is ONLY fed grass and is a very lean as it is Jersey Cows. The grass that our cattle graze on is pesticide free. In addition, the beef is free of hormones. From Mid-November to Mid-May our cows graze on Rye Grass. From the 1st of June to Mid-September they graze on Sorghum and Teff grass and additionally are supplemented with stored forage from our fields. Our beef is slaughtered and packaged by a USDA inspected processing company in Dothan, AL. You may purchase a half or whole cow by calling us. Pricing and availability may vary. Additionally, we sell individual cuts of our beef at the local famer’s markets listed in this web-site. The steers that we send for our beef are in between the ages of 12-16 months of age as to ensure the most tender meat available.

Chicken and Pork

All new pasture-fed chicken and pork products are all free of hormones and antibiotics.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our parents and grandparents, Mrs. Louise and the late Eld. Fred Smith. We would like to thank them for the years of hard work and dedication to the land which led us to where we are now. Always supporting our endeavors in everything we do, you have given us the ability and courage to forge ahead in difficult times! Thank you Mam-Maw and Grandaddy!