Frequently Asked Questions

Are we certified organic?

We are not USDA certified organic. Our products contain no hormones or other stimulants commonly used to aid in milk production. Additionally, our Jersey Cows graze on pesticide- free fields.

Why Jersey Cows?

Jersey Cows, while being one of the smallest dairy breeds, produce milk that is substantially more nutritious than other breeds. Jersey milk contains high content of fat solids and butterfat. The average butterfat content runs approximately 4.1% as compared to commercial brands that run at approximately 3.2% whole milk. Percentages vary in grazing seasons. As an example, summer times we are affected by the amount of cream and butter we are able to supply to our customers. Jersey milk contains about 20% more calcium than other milk. In addition these ladies also boast a higher concentration of Vitamins A, B1, and B2. These components lead to superior flavored milk.

What pasteurization process do you use?

There are two main pasteurization methods which are continuous flow and low temperature pasteurization. Continuous Flow method involves heating the raw milk up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 15 minutes. This is done while the milk is flowing through a series of tubes. Low Temperature pasteurization the raw milk is heated in a stainless steel vat slowly to a temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit and held there for 30 minutes. It is then cooled slowly to 41degrees before bottling. We choose to use the Low Temperature method because it insures that all harmful bacteria is eliminated while still retaining all of the milk’s natural health benefits.

What makes our milk different?

Our milk is ALL natural and hormone free. Our milk is pasteurized not homogenized to kill all harmful bacteria while still maintaining the health benefits and great flavor. The homogenization process breaks down the solids in the milk into particles too small to be absorbed and digested naturally. These small particles can be absorbed directly into our bloodstream which puts us at risk for many health problems including clogged arteries. By not homogenizing our milk, the fat is digested naturally which allows our bodies to receive its full nutritional value.

Do your products contain gluten?


We would like to extend a special thanks to our parents and grandparents, Mrs. Louise and the late Eld. Fred Smith. We would like to thank them for the years of hard work and dedication to the land which led us to where we are now. Always supporting our endeavors in everything we do, you have given us the ability and courage to forge ahead in difficult times! Thank you Mam-Maw and Grandaddy!